Deploy is a tool to deploy any contract to any EVM compatible chain through one simple command and an easy-to-use interface. Deploy reduces the complexities of deploying a contract by eliminating steps such as hardcoding private keys, managing RPC URLs, or running scripts to deploy your contracts.

Simply run the following command at the root of your contract directory:

npx thirdweb deploy


  • Automatically verified contracts: Contracts deployed using Deploy are automatically verified on Sourcify.
  • Client-side deployment (increased security): Deploy simplifies contract deployment with an intuitive dashboard. Users can avoid exporting / storing private keys, setting up RPC URLs, copying ABIs, or running scripts.
  • No additional setup: There is no need to modify your contract or do any additional setup. Deploy works with any contract, including those created with popular frameworks such as Hardhat and Foundry.
  • Deploy to any EVM network: Deploy supports the deployment of a contract to any EVM network.
  • Dashboard management: Automatically add your contracts to dashboard to setup constructors, manage and interact with your contract.
  • Support for browser based wallets: Deploy a contract using browser-based wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and others. Alternatively, deploy safely with a team using options such as Safe.